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Bugwolf is where beta testers compete in the real-world, to make your products better, and de-risk product launches. Our clients work with the elite usability, user experience, functional, and security experts to improve the quality of their digital products, accelerating application release cycles, and getting products to market and revenue faster.

Companies get a platform where they can distribute, measure, and learn about their products in accelerated time, by engaging employees, customers, and elite testers. Our approach reduces beta cycles from weeks to days, lowers the cost of beta-testing by up to 50%, and provides up to 10x more engagement than traditional methodologies.

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Our elite teams

Only the best beta-testers are selected from the platform to compete in an elite team. These vetted and professional beta-testers are an extension of your existing teams, and provide a fresh set of eyes looking at the same products. Most companies have user acceptance testing processes leading up to the release of an application, but there is limited testing between the business and the customer. Teams of beta-testers can be assembled fast and are available to test your products and applications in real-world environments, at a nominated date and time, including weekends, and report on what they discover.

Benefits for clients


To remain competitive companies are under pressure to always be shipping new products and software. The speed of these cycles can impact quality and revenue. We reduce the cost of beta testing by up to 50% allowing you to invest those savings into releasing better quality products.


We know from experience, traditional beta cycles are expensive and time consuming, slowing down release dates. You source a team of beta-testers who sign up as beta-testers but lack ongoing and real feedback. Our platform compresses these beta-testing cycles from weeks to days.


Operating under reduced budgets with smaller digital teams can make it difficult to achieve the beta engagement your product deserves. Our model delivers up to 10x engagement over traditional methodologies and processes, which reduces the number of defects in production.

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