What do we do

In 2012, we created a new model for testing software. Throughout the year we crowdsource software testers from around the globe to apply to join our team. Using a rigorous selection process, we assemble elite teams of bug hunting professionals that compete to attack applications. They do this on behalf of their owners to find bugs that damage user experience and cause them to abandon an application, or vulnerabilities that a hacker could exploit. Also, companies leverage our game-based platform to crowdsource bug bounty hunts with professional testers, employees, and end users.

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Our elite teams

Only the best bug hunters are selected from the crowd to compete in our elite teams. Our vetted professional testers are an extension of your existing teams, and provide a fresh set of eyes looking at the same problems. The internet is always changing, and although most companies have detailed testing processes leading up to the release of an application, many lack ongoing maintenance and bug reporting after that point. Our elite team of bug hunters can be assembled fast and available to bug hunt your applications at a nominated date and time, including weekends, and report on what we discover.

Benefits for clients


To remain competitive companies are under pressure to always be shipping software. The speed of these cycles impacts quality and cost. We reduce the cost of testing by up to 50% allowing you to invest those savings into releasing bug-free products.


We know from experience, traditional test cycles are expensive and time consuming, slowing down release dates. You hire a team of testers who build test cases and report on their outcomes. Our platform compresses these cycles from weeks to days.


Operating under reduced budgets with smaller test teams can make it difficult to achieve the test engagement your product deserves. Our model delivers up to x10 times more test engagement than traditional testing methodologies and processes.

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