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SaaS Testing Platform

Bugwolf SaaS Platform helps you accelerate in-house testing with your own testers or access vetted pro testers, testing and delivery directors to rapidly scale your testing needs. Create testing challenges, assemble teams and receive feedback in no time.

Testing Challenge

In a testing challenge testers compete over accelerated time to discover issues and report on feedback. We make testing more fun and engaging by gamifying the testing process, which generates outstanding results and compelling return on investment.

In-House Challenges

In-house challenges help you facilitate testing with your own testers. Invite your team mates, employees, or customers to compete against each other in testing challenges and help you find bugs before releasing your product.

Tester Accounts

Tester licences allows you to build your own vetted marketplace of testers. You can invite your own testers via email and when creating a challenge, choose a testing team based on their availability, skills, and experience.

Manager Accounts

Manager licences provide an extra layer of administration over tester accounts. Invite your team mates to help you manage your challenges, access bug reports and charts, curate results, support testers, and launch their own challenges.

Reporting & Charts

Testers are required to submit a detailed report for each bug they discover. We also include charts which is a great way to track coverage across the different browsers, operating systems and devices.

Video Capture Tool

To accelerate the bug remediation process and save the back and forth between engineering and testing, we've developed a desktop application which enables testers to capture videos of the bugs they discover, turning those issues into short movies.


Download your bug reports and import that data into a bug tracking tool of your choice. We offer a range of integrations into bug tracking tools such as Jira, Rational and Bugzilla, with many more connectors coming.

Public API

To integrate testing seamlessly with your workflow we've made available our public API. Engineering & QA teams can spin up test challenges and assemble teams fast without leaving the console, and connect third party bug tracking tools.

Testing & Delivery Director

You can appoint directors to help you manage your testing. A testing director can design challenges, manage and support testers and curate the results. A delivery director helps you setup your platform, manage your account, and schedule challenges.

Pro Testers

We select the most qualified testers for your pro testing teams by having them compete against each other. Thousands of testers apply each year from around the globe. We interview only the best and perform thorough background checks.

Security Protection

Testers are required to agree to non-disclosure and terms of service and also undertake a two-factor authentication process. Our customers take security seriously and we do too, with best practices implemented throughout stack including SPL.

User acceptance testing tools & teams

Quickly assess the quality of your software, websites & mobile apps