Enterprise Accessibility Testing & WCAG Compliance

WCAG (or Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) is a series of guidelines that makes websites and apps more accessible. These guidelines seek to make the web more accessible for people with disabilities (especially auditory and visual) and people browsing the Internet using limited devices (e.g. mobile phones with limited functionality). Implementation on Government sites is common, whereas in the wider commercial sector WCAG is considered something of an afterthought rather than a day-one project consideration.

WCAG In A Nutshell

Ask any project manager if a production bug blocking twenty percent of users completing purchases should be fixed and the likely answer would be likely be “Yes please – and you’re fired.”

But ask the same manager if they want to put WCAG testing in scope and often they are reluctant, providing responses like, “we’re already spending a bunch on browser and device testing.” or “just do a bit at the end.”

Yet in so doing, you may very well be excluding a greater percentage of users from your site.

The Real World

Examples of accessibility are present everywhere in the world around us - public buildings with wheelchair access ramps, designated toilets and disabled parking spots to name but a few.

It’s part of modern consciousness that we realise there are people with different needs in society and ensure where possible that we provide amenity for them.

But that’s the physical world.

Virtual Reality

Surprisingly, in the realm of technology, a sector where “new” is often everything and adaptability to change is paramount, we don’t have an equivalent provision for disabled users. Websites that are easily consumable by people with disabilities are something of a rarity. In fact, in 2011, a CAST survey of Australian websites revealed that 98 percent were not WCAG Level 2.0 compliant.

Well, What Is WCAG?

Aside from being an acronym that rolls off the tongue like a cat choking on a fur ball, WCAG stands for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. There are three levels at which...

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